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Cigar Emporium only offers the unquestionable excellence of top quality Cuban cigars. We pride ourselves on selling only the finest cigars directly from the tobacco factories in Cuba.

All products of Cigar Emporium take built-in the following labels: Established by the Law of the 16 of July of 1912, to guarantee the quality and the origin of the Cuban tobacco destined to export. One of the five created identifications to foil imitators. " Republica de Cuba " is the green label with the legend that seals the box.

Three of the four other identifying symbols are stamped on the bottom of each box. The first, "Habanos, s.a.," is the name of the Cuban company which has been in charge of marketing Habanos since October 1, 1994.

The second, "Hecho en Cuba," was added in 1960 to replace its English equivalent, "Made in Cuba."

The third, "Totalmente a mano," was introduced in 1989. It means that the cigars are made entirely by hand, in the traditional Cuban way-a very important aspect, as the regulations of the European Community allow cigars that are made with the use of machinery in some stages to be described as "made by hand."

Another means of identification-the word "Habanos"-appears on an upper corner of every box made since 1994.

You can purchase directly from Cigar Emporium with total confidence not only in the origin of the cigars but by the extraordinary conditions in which our products are conserved. We have the best humidification systems which keep humidity to 70 degree and where the cigars are at a stable temperature of between16 to 18 degrees celcius during every day of the year which is always been maintained .
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